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House Construction

The professionals at VEI have been intimately involved in the construction process for countless projects. Our team has handled many complex construction projects for clients that either do not reside near the project giving us the charge to see the project through to completion, or who do not have the construction expertise to know whether the work being performed is of an acceptable quality.

Members of our team have worked directly with single-family residential and commercial real estate developers, and other public and private institutions, cost estimating, designing, developing construction contracts, negotiating construction contracts with contractors, reviewing draw requests, and monitoring daily the construction process to ensure a quality product is produced for the project.

Our staff has performed SWPPP monitoring for the EPA and now the TCEQ, and understands current storm water pollution prevention requirements and regulations.

Our staff has developed and implemented countless construction schedules, reviewed change orders, and has been in charge of monitoring these schedules to solve problems during construction to enable the project to stay on schedule and within budget.

VEI has the ability to closely monitor the construction process and quickly answer any construction questions or design modifications that might be needed to help ensure the construction project continues to progress and is completed in a timely manner.


Commercial, Residential, Municipal & Industrial 

Project & Construction Management

Construction Drawings, Shop Drawings & Change Management

Construction Inspection & Administration

Review of Shop Drawings & Material Submissions

Budgeting & Cost Controls

Analysis & Mitigation of Claims & “Extras”


Storm Water (SWPPP) Inspection & Monitoring

Cost Estimating

Mixed-Use, Single & Multi Family Communities


Constructibility Reviews

Bid Documents & Contract Management

Builder Relations

Change Control

Change Order Management

Construction Surveying & Staking

HOA/CCR’S Services



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